Windows 8 Blocks E-Mail Links




       If you clicked on the E-Mail Link on this website and you are using Windows 8 it will bring up the Windows Mail and then stop you from sending email to me "Keith".


       There are 2 way of working around this:


       1. "Safe Way" Copy my email address and then open your normal email account and select send or write new email.  Then paste my email in the address bar.


       2. "Permanent Way" This one only do if you "do not"  use the Windows 8 webmail and you want it to stop interfering with Outlook, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird or whatever email program you use.  This stops it permanently! 

       Go to your Windows 8 Metro start screen and right click on the Mail app.  Then go to the bottom left on the popup that comes up on the bottom of your screen, and click uninstall.

       There is a way to restore this so you can use your Windows 8 Mail again and I will look on the internet to find that way.  It doesn't take very long.  I will add it later when I have more time.


       Second method Disclaimer:  I have not tested this on other systems and we are still developing Windows 8 work arounds, so I can't guarantee that it will not damage your computer.



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