Old Timers Airplanes 



Joe Cole's "Work of art"!  It's a Carl Goldberg 1938 Valkyrie with a 10 foot wingspan 6 foot fuse.

 Joe says "I Built it from a short kit that I bought last year.  Figured everyone has a Quaker and it's time to do something different!


Western Flyer's Old Timer's Fun Fly Saturday June 13, 2009

George Eheman - Quaker

Ed Splittgerber - Power House

Tim Peters flying his Quaker

Ed Splittgerber

 George Eheman's Quaker

Bob Burt - Quaker

Dick Behrens

Chuck Poore - Sig Kadet Lt-40

Ed Splittgerber & Larry Bailey

Kerswap & Ole Reliable

Loren Blinde

                     Pictures sent in by George Eheman

Omahawk's Old Timer's Fun Fly

Ralph Brown's Super Buccaneer

Pilot - Dick Behrens

Dick Behrens

Dick Behrens

Dick Behrens

Bob Burt's Quaker

Old Timer's Gang 2003

Ralph Brown's Spook 2003

Claude Weimer's Miss Ting

Everyone's planes 2003

Ollie's Blue Bird 2003

Bob Stewart and George Eheman


Five Flying Old Timer

 Models Planes at once!

This will take his mind

off his troubles!!

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