Full Size Planes 


Anyone who is an RC Flyer and now has or has had a full-size plane, please send me a picture of it.



Gary Grimes

       After I soloed in the Aeronca Champ (first picture), I got some time in the Aeronca Tri-Champ (second picture) . Finally got around to sending you these pictures.   Gary

Lynn Fehr's Aviation Story

       Lynn Fehr's Cessna on September 15, 1978 with his daughter Marcia.

       Lynn on April 15, 1964 taking a flying lesson in a Mooney Mark 20.

Galen Lillethorup's Aviation Story

1966 Cessna 172G - N3650L

       Galen Lillethorup Flying his Cessna 172G

       "Galen Lillethorup" has written about his life history of Flying.


       Galen and his plane are IFR Certified.  Galen has owned from 1971 until a year or so ago.  It was based at TQE Tekamah NE.

       Galen also builds tremendous stick and tissue scale R/C planes.  (Click Here to Read)

This is a must read!

Current owner is listed as:  Tom Wrolstad Aircraft LLC  - 33187 S Kropf Rd  - Molalla - Clackamas County - Oregon - FFA Registry N-Number Inquires

Judd Bock's Aviation Story

     "Judson Bock" has written about his life history of building and flying full size as well as model airplanes.

       The picture on the left shows Jud in the plane that he built!

     I am trying to get more of the pilots to do this.  It makes fascinating reading.  Thanks for taking the time Jud.  (Click Here for pictures & text) 


This is a must read!

Keith Paskewitz "These are the 2 Airplanes that I had"

1946 Aeronca Chief 11-AC - N85871

       Here is Don Bonnaci, Rod Sabacky, Doug Ferguson and one unidentified person.

       This is me "Keith" with my Giles G-202 model.

       There were 3 of us that shared ownership and  flying of our airplanes.  Doug Ferguson and Rod Sabacky bought the Aeronca and I then purchased a 1/3 share of it.  Doug, Rod and I were friends and flew R/C planes together, so, sharing, flying and working on the planes was never a problem for us.  It also helped cut down the cost of owning an airplane.

       We had the Aeronca Chief first and later purchased a Grumman American TR-2.


       The Aeronca was very forgiving in the air with gentle stalls.  It did require rudder aileron coordination though and landings in the wind would scare you half to death. 



       It didn't have an electrical system. "No lights, radio or electric starter"  It only cruised about 80 MPH with a 65 HP Continental engine when we got it, but after we recovered the wing and repainted the plane it cruised at about 85 MPH.  We think that the paint filled the weave in the material and made the air flow more smoothly. 

       It was a 2 passenger side by side.  The Aeronca Champ was just like it but with tandem seating.  The Champ handled better on the ground but because of the side by side seating in the Chief and the wider fuselage, which interfered with the air flow over the rudder, it handled poorly on the ground.


1946 Aeronca Chief 11-AC - with a New Paint-job

       The Aeronca Chief after we repainted it.  Here it's tied down at Bonnaci Airport.


       The fabric on the top of the wing did not pass the annual inspection, so we recovered it with Ceconite and repainted the plane with a dark blue sunburst on the top and bottom of both the wing and the stab.

       We also reworked the interior with super light weight carpet on the floor and a padded leather instrument panel.

       It took a lot of work but made it more fun to fly with everything looking much better.

       Current owner is listed as:  KEVIN MARKING - 4760 S 134TH ST  - Los OMAHA - NE 11/17/2017 - 11AC-261 -

FAA Registry N-Number Inquiries


1971 Grumman American TR-2 AA-1A - N6309L

       Our Grumman American TR-2    N6309L

N Number pronounced:  "63 Zero Neiner Lemma"


       This was our second airplane, a Grumman American TR-2.  It had a 115 HP Lycoming 0-235 engine and an electrical system with lights, 360 channel nav/com, transponder and a heater that worked.


      The plane came with a cruise prop on it, but it climbed so poorly that we had the prop re-pitched to a climb prop.  This took a few miles off the top speed, but our rate of climb doubled.


       We normally flew it with the wheel pants off and with the prop re-pitched to a climb prop it cruised at about 125 MPH.


       The little Grumman was like a sports car in an airplane.  It was quick on the controls and could handle strong crosswinds with no trouble.  It was just the opposite of the Aeronca on landing in the wind.  You could go cross-country without worrying about the wind coming up and with the radio the navigation was much easier, plus it went faster so it didn't take so long to get to your destination.


       I loved this plane and I will always be partial to low wing cross country planes.


       When we first got the plane it was Red -White and Brown.  We repainted the trim Blue, so that it was Red - White and Blue.


       Current owner is listed as:  Larry Bilby - FAIRFAX - Fairfax County - VIRGINIA

FAA Registry N-Number Inquires


Jerry Adams

1948 Tempco Swift

       Jerry Adam's Tempco Super Swift


       This is Jerry Adam's Tempco Swift with an 85 HP engine.  It has been modified to a Super Swift with a Continental 10360 210 HP engine and a controllable pitch prop.


       It now cruises at 175 MPH+ with a red line of 225 MPH.  The auto-pilot is coupled to the GPS.


       Another modification include speed cowling, P-51 style wheel doors, with small tires.


       The fuselage, tail feathers and center section of the wing were re-skinned and the wing slots covered.


       Jerry is also building a Vans RV-3 airplane in his basement.  I have not had an update for several years, so maybe he has finished it by now.


Paul Edmonds

Piper Tri-Pacer

       Paul's Piper Tri-Pacer


       Paul Edmund's Tri-Pacer;  

"Paul and I flew RC planes together for many years"

       Paul is a great guy.  He once took a part off the carburetor on his pattern plane, so I could get my plane to run and I was flying in competition against him.  Then he had to put his carburetor back together and adjust it before he could fly the next round.


Dave Beverage

1966 C-33 Beachcraft Bonanza - N6037F

       Dave Beveridge's C-33 Beachcraft Bonanza


       Dave owned this plane from May, 1990 to February 2001.


       He and his wife traveled all over the Eastern US in this plane, ranging from the northern tip of Maine to near Miami Florida, to southern Texas to Central Montana. 


       Dave put 1000 hours or about 150,000 miles on this airplane during this period.  The plane cruised at about 165 MPH.  It was well equipped with electronics that included dual Navigation and Communication radios, LORAN, GPS, DME, ADF and autopilot.

The Instrument Panel

      This is the interior of Dave Beveridge's C-33 Beachcraft Bonanza

       This is the instrument panel of Dave's airplane.


       It has a Continental I0-470 Series engine


        Current owner is listed as:  Barry McCatty - 18530 W 3000 N Rd Lot 122 - Reddick - Kankakee County - Illinois - FFA Registry N-Number Inquires


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