S.W.I.F.T. Visible Lift Newsletter




August 2007 newsletter for S.W.I.F.T.

For Radio Controlled Sailplanes & Electrics

Academy of Model Aeronautics Chartered Club #2749


Check the SWIFT BBS for flying info.


Calling all Glider Guiders!


The next SWIFT meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 2 at Chalco Hills.


SWIFT EVENTS at the COBRA field.


Longest Flight of the year trials for T.D. and E-Glider: Sunday, August 5 2007. Time; 9:00 AM untilled we are done. Location is the COBRA field.


Check the web page   for SWIFT events and out of town events.


SWIFT members will be flying gliders at the COBRA field on Saturday or Sunday through out the season pending other events at the field. This will be a good time to practice launching, landing and just getting in stick time. The field will remain open to all flying. Check the BBS for info.




The scores for the LINOMA event hosted by LASS on July 22 is posted on the web page.


Note from DEPRZ: I would like to impress that all club officers attend the as I feel that some of this requires the need for them to be there. 

August 2 agenda:

(1)   Treasure report.

(2)   Report on auction proceeds.

(3)   All debits for the auction items are to be paid in full at the meeting.

        Make checks payable to SWIFT.

(4)   SWIFT Special Interest Group or independent club.

(5)   Revue the agreement with COBRA over field usage and payments of proceeds

        from SWIFT events at the COBRA field.

(6)   SWIFT club field for gliders and Electric powered model aircraft.

(7)   Frequency control at SWIFT club events.

(8)   Dates for up coming events.

(9)   Lunch for the longest flight of the year trials on August 5.                                                                                   

Bring something to fly in the parking lot after the meeting. If the weather is fair,

we should have an hour of daylight for flying.


Bring some show and tell and see you at the meeting. 




President:  Terry Lamm  (402) 319-7514 cell


Vice President:  Larry Puls  (712) 328-3511


Secretary/Treasurer:  Dan Lorimer  (402) 896-0963


6506 South 142nd Street – Omaha, NE  68137-4806

VISIBLE LIFT: Larry Bailey (Lnbailey@cox.net)


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