Wall Landing "Hall of Fame"

Keith Paskewitz & IFO

Dan Cramer Yak 55



To qualify you must land your plane on a wall & fly off without crashing, to be added to the "Hall of Fame".

This Hall of Fame requested by Dan Cramer


Indoor Torque Roll  "Hall of Fame"

toms_torque.jpg (151647 bytes)

Quinn Coldiron

Brett Grell

Tom Egbert

Keith Paskewitz



Kip Dirkschneider

Dan Cramer


       "You are allowed to use ailerons to assist in the torque roll"



Indoor Helicopter  "Hall of Fame"


Joe Cole  

Spectacular!  The first one in the Omaha area, that I photographed, to demonstrate controlled indoor inverted Heli flight indoors.

    John Schenck 

This time John did a tremendous job!  Not only inverted but close to the floor and controlled so I could get in close for pictures.  Johns been practicing!    

    Tom Egbert

Tom has added flying inverted indoors.  He has flown up-side-down with his helicopters for quite some time.

  Mike Moritko

Mike has made great progress and is conquering heli flying.


To qualify you must fly inverted turn back upright and land, without crashing, to be added to the "Hall of Fame"

Cobras' (Church Gym) 2010

Cobras Indoor Flying Guys at the Community of Christ Church Gym in Council Bluffs.

The Gang at the Cobras Indoor Flying

Keith Paskewitz & his scratch built IFO

Larry Bailey & his Ultra Micro 4-Site BNF

George Eheman & his Blade MSR BNF Heli

Jerry Hakenson & his 2022 Helicopter

Gary Grimes & his J-3 Cub

Hank Sperzel & his ParkZone Vapor

John Ord & his 5022 Army Helicopter

Ben Hutcheson & his Ultra Micro 4-Site BNF

Dallen Cornwell & his Night Vapor BNF

Scott Artman & his Night Vapor BNF

Cobras President  "Larry Puls" & a Vapor

Dan Lorimer and his

4-Site from E-flite.

Dick Behrens and his E-flite Blade MSR.

Lynn Fehr & his

H-46 Helicopter

John Ord & his CX-2 Helicopter.

Howard Hough

Hank Sperzel

Gary Grimes

Dan Cramer & his Yak



All the Guys flying on December 2, 2010.  Jud Bocks helicopter is flying.




Now that it's getting colder, Indoor Flying is getting busy.

Judd's Heli is flying.  The camera stopped the blades.

Jud Bock and his Ranger Heli from www.hobbytron.com

Dennis Bender and his Night Vapor.  These are good flying planes.




Digz Volleyball Center

Larry Bailey 7 his Honey Bee Heli

Dave Olson & his EPP Yak

Ed Jelinek & his EPP Yak55

Michel Thompson just taking it easy

Bob English & his Dualsky Yak 54

Harry Perkons & his Parkzone Cub

Roger Cowell & his Park Flyer


George Eheman with a Ghost Bi-Plane


Midwest Performance Flyer's (La Vista Community Center)

 Performance Flyer Group at the La Vista Community Center.

Performance Flyers with there planes.  an you have more fun than this?

Performance Flyers eating at Burger King after flying.

Sometimes I get bored.  So today I decided to  clone myself.




David Haney & his Great Planes Electra-fly

Keith Paskewitz landing his IFO on the wall.

Nick Kmezich & his Beast Bi-Plane from Horizon Hobby


Performance Flyer's (Soccer Center)

Keith Paskewitz' home office computer.  "Where all these Club Websites come from"  Metro Area R/C Flying publishes these 5 Club Websites:

Bellevue, Cobras, Frontier Flyers, Performance Flyers & Western Front Dawn Patrol.

Eating after flying at Don & Millie's Restaurant.  We have been coming here every Wednesday for years.

President Tom Egbert with  "Don & Millie's General Manager Karen" who took the previous picture for us.

This is a picture of all the guys that where flying at the Soccer

Center on November 24, 2010, which was the day before Thanksgiving.

Picture was taken by: Eric Krystof.

Keith Paskewitz hung his IFO on the wire' by it's landing wheel on the top, 6 times and then flew away on this Wednesday.

Keith's IFO is set-up with a wheel on both the top & bottom so it can land either side up.

Mid-air between a Yak 55 and Ed Paasch's Bi-Plane.  Fred fixed it as Good as New!

Dan Lorimer & his Edge 540 Vantage from Fancy Foam

Doug Smith & his Electra-Fly Extra 330 SC.

Frank Vanecek & his Ed Jelinek scratch built plane.

Bob Turner

Rich Eich & his ParkZone Piper Cub.

Dave Haggard & his Blade 120 SR  Helicopter.

Tom Egbert & his Mystic By-Plane.

George Lieb, who is an accomplished control line flyer.

Larry Bailey & his Yak 55 From Fancy Foam

Dean Dingman & his Fly-zone Albatross.

Michel Thompson

Dave Olson & his

EPP Yak from

 Midwest Foam

Jud Bock & his scratch built Starlite

Larry Voorhees & his Yak 55


Galen Lillethorup & his Miss America

Mike O'Daniel & his Great Planes Yak 54

 Rocky Sharon & his Parkzone P-51

Ed Paasch with a P-51 & a Sukhoi





2008 Photos

Here are 2 Videos of Keith Paskewitz' IFO's:



IWire Hanging with an IFO


Video by Rich Eich

Indoor flying with an IFO

Video by Ed Paasch


Center Pictures

Photography by Keith Paskewitz

La Vista Pictures

Photography by Keith Paskewitz

Cobras Pictures

Photography by Keith Paskewitz

Digz/McCormack Pictures

Photography by Keith Paskewitz


Digz Indoor Flying Pictures

John Schenck's first try at entering the inverted hall of fame.

Larry Bailey hangs his Zero on the wire at the Center. 

Larry rocks his plane using motor power and it breaks free!

Dustin & Heather Anderson  with Extra 260. 

Heather is also an R/C Flyer

(NTSB)  accident report: 

  Click Here for details

Check out Bob's new airplane

with a pilot that "flips you off"

Galen Lillethorup's Vickors 151 "Jockey"detailed engine. 

Jim Drickey's stick and tissue Fairchild 24 (Nice little plane) Jim Drickey, Dean Copeland & Nelson Carpenter with Nelson's new Pilatus Porter
Fred Tuckerman with scratch built flying wing. Dean and Nelson getting ready for maiden flight of the Pilatus

Galen Lillethorup and Dean Copeland with two of Galen's latest creations.

Tom Egbert, Larry Bailey &

George Eheman Flying Helis

Brett Grell

Josh Watkins

Hanging Josh's plane

from the wire

Clowning around

with Larry

Dan Cramer hits wire

Jerry Hankinson's

flying bug


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