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New Links Sent in By Area Club Members

Indoor Micro Flying (Planes under 5oz.)

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Indoor RC Products Used By Omaha Area Flyers

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Battery Dealers Lithium-Polymer

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New Links Sent in By Area Club Members

All-About-Electronic-Circuits-for-Kids -  Sent in by: Rick Lingenfelter

Radio Control Hobbies From Home - :   Sent in and created by: Jennifer and Alex Thomas
A Guide to building model aircraft -  Sent in and created by:  Rick Lingenfelter

Buy and Sell your planes Sent in and created by Ryan Sand in links

Get a Para board version #3 for plug different batteries into your charger.  Sent in by Mike Moritko

Rick Lingenfelter built the FT Spitfire from plans on this site.

Charge multiple batteries at the same time  Info on charging boards  Sent in by Peter Vennerstrom

Get connectors for anything:  Sent in by Larry Bailey

Plans & pics for building Keith Paskewitz' IFO Keith's blog at rcgroups:  Sent in by Keith Paskewitz

Interesting web site for R/C planes:  Sent in by Matt Brown

High Quality Model kits, Engines for large scale & planes suitable for the Dusk Patrol :  Sent in by Dean Dingman

Rhino  Lipoly 360mah 2 cell 20C between appr.18 grams  $4.85   Sent in by Larry Bailey

12.3 gram Aito Foam Bi-Plane "RC Groups discussion" Sent in by Larry Bailey

Preliminary ideas for equipment and total plane weight.  Sent in by Keith Paskewitz

Many kinds of foam  Sent in by Keith Paskewitz

Cheap Carbon Fiber tubes.   Sent in by Dan Cramer & Fred Tuckerman

Excellent 3-D Foam airplane kits & equipment, also have great hinge tape  Sent in by Kip Dirkschneider

Tiny little 3 pin JST connectors & wires for Ultra Micro Servo & new Nanolite 2 gram Spectrum Receiver  & connects the two 2.4 GHz. JR Radio receivers too.   "I finally found the right ones! Be sure to pick the 3 pin plugs"  Each plug comes with a male & female end including wire & pins. Sent in by Keith Paskewitz

Good web site to order from. Sent in by Larry Bailey

Surfing around and found  Great prices on brushless motors. Also, they have a sale on brushless ESC's. 40A for $16.00! Here's the link.   Enjoy and spread the news,  Sent in by Fred Tuckerman

AMA and Special Interest Groups


AMA District IX    (Overview)

JPO Jets

NFFS Free Flight

LSF Silent Flight

NSRCA F3-A Pattern

AMA Insurance   (Explained)

MECA Engine Collectors

SPA Senior Pattern

AMA Main Organization

NASA National Assoc. of Scale Aero modelers

SAM Old Timers 

IRCHA Helicopters


VR/CS planes before 1970


Battery Dealers Lithium-Polymer


Duralite Batteries         (Lithium-Ion)  (Li Poly) 

Castle Creations            (Li-Poly)


Radical RC                      (Li-Poly)


Great Planes               (Li-Poly) Dave Lewis                        (Li-Poly)

Indoor Flyer                 (Li-Poly)



Cad Software

Compufoil  (software for designing wings)









"All About Drones"




Engine Manufactures

Aircraft International  (Large Scale)  


Rossi  (Super Engines)

B&B Specialties Quadra Zenoah US Engines & Fuji



Desert Aircraft             (Large Scale)




OS Max  Dist. by Tower Hobby



Flight Simulators

Dave Brown Products

Real Flight 


Phoenix RC Flight Simulator



Full Size Airplanes


Reno Air Racing Pictures 2000 Reno Air Races




Bruckner Hobbies  (Thunder Tiger Hirobo)

Hobbies & Helis Int.  (Quick Helis)

Rick's R/C Helicopters  (Everything)  (Ask for 10% off)

Chief Aircraft    (JR  Kyosho  Piccolo)



CyberHeli  (Good prices & service) 

Model rectifier  (Hirobo Shuttle Plus)


Heli-Kraft   (Best price on Raptors)

New Creations RC


Heli-Proz  (Everything)  I got Align Micro Heading lock Gyros from here

OS Helicopter Engines   (.32 to .91)


RC Direct  (Electric)



Hobby Stores



Horizon Hobbies JR Radios  3-D

BP Hobbies

Hobby Town - Irvington  402-498-8888

Sig Manufacturing kits balsa etc.

Dave Brown Products Simulators

Hobby Town - La Vista    402-597-1888


Dubro Products

Waverly RC Model Aviation (Waverly NE)



Indoor Electric Flying


Modelair-Tech Plans kits and belt drives 

Monster  (2100mah AA cells) Cheap/Free shipping over $100

I got 1320 Thunder Power Batteries & Hitec 56HB servos W/Carbonite Gears

Electric Jet Factory Ducted Fans

Nelson Hobby   (Paint etc)



Electro Dynamics Batt. & chargers

Penn Valley Hobby Supplies

AllERC  All Electric RC

I got Kokam 20C 340 packs here

E Zone Mag  (Rec. by Mike Moritko)

Peck-Polymers  (CO-2)


ACP Sales  (Vacuum bagging materials)


Radical RC  (From Dean Copeland)

Astro Flight Inc.  (Brushless Motors) 

FMA Direct Inc. everything




Batteries America

Force Field  (I got 3/8x1/16  Magnets)


Batteries, motors, Gearbox - Calculator Build your own elec. motor

Red Rocket Hobby Shop  E-Planes etc.

BMJR Model Products Kits and electric

Great Planes

Sirius Chargers bypass diode on Futaba trans. 

Sky Hooks & Rigging  888-562-8277


Hobby Club Kits Motors, batteries.


Castle Creations Castle makes the best ESC's w/computer interface in my opinion

(Everything Electric)

Sullivan Prod. Hardware Has everything electric & is the cheapest place.  Most popular. 3-D Profile forum



Chokes for receiver antenna

Horizon Hobby  (Paint for indoor planes)

Dave's RC Micro & Parking lot

House of Balsa  (Ask for 10% off)

David Lewis Micro Electric

Indoor Flyer                 lots of items


Didel  (Planes, robots interesting)

Joe Cole's Mini FEDA Heli  ($255- w/shipping)

Ultra-Light 3-D Sport Bipe  "IFO like plane"

DJ Aerotech Indoor & Park

Kokam  (Lithium Polymer Batteries)  Out runners for $6.95

Download plans here.  (Good plans)

Magellan Tech  Batt. Zapping for more current

 Turnkey RC Kits

Du-Bro Products Micro hardware

Mark's Hobby  Park Flyers

Duralite Batteries 

Maxx Products From Dean - Sanyo  Forums 

Dymond Turbo Super Charger (chargers etc.)

Megatech Cars Chargers Radios

Windsor Props (Old Ambroid airplane glue)


Indoor F-3P Pattern Flying

F3p Pattern




Airplanes 4.7 gram servo  $19.95

16 in/oz

HobbyKing 18-11 2000kv Micro Brushless Outrunner (10g)  E-flite Park 250

very powerful for it's weight  Anubis, Arrow V6, Citrino, Spies, Ejjpic, etc JR 6 gram high voltage servo $42.16

9.7 oz/in Castle Creations Phoenix 10 - $40.82 on 2/4/14  Scorpion S-1804-1650 F3P Light Slow fly Brushless Motor (1650kV) 5.29 oz. thrust with 8x4 prop 2 cell. JR 6 gram high voltage servo $29.99

13.1 oz/in  YGE 7 -

.7 gram no wires - 2C - 7 Amp $48.14 no BEC

HobbyKing Turnigy C2222 Micro brushless Outrunner 2850kv (15g)

22oz/in YGE7-S - 1.6 gram with wire - 1 or 2C 7 Amp $49- no BEC DualSky XM2212RTR-25 42 W


HobbyKing Turnigy 1404N 2290Kv 9.2g 3.5A 160g Thrust Outrunner Castle Creations Thunderbird 6 amp $20.66 - 4 gram - 1.5 Amp BEC

32" EPP Crack Yak-55 "LITE"


Coaxial motor/gear box

Info 4 different kinds of coaxial drives


Ruslan Ermolin Super light weight coaxial drives and light planes


1.78 gram drive 12 gram thrust &  8.5                                                          gram all up plane weight



Alexey Lantsov's coaxial drive  (best two units) uses 10x3 10x4 propellers  (Also has 1 cell drive & plane 35 gram all up weight & wing span approx. 22")

17.5 grams

Email for price

Alexey Lantsov's 2013 plane "Victory" ready to fly 64 grams  Video  "Editors Note"  Lantsov is a very talented and nice guy.



25.5 grams HK-13DZ 2000kv Counter Rotating Micro BL System - 6 1/3oz thrust $70 weighs

13 grams

Requires 2 ESC's adding more weight.


Small Batteries  Hyperion 2S 180 Mah G3 LiPo










Indoor Props  Carbon Fiber props in all sizes you need


Very light weight props

Make your own Carbon Fiber Props  PT-Model 9x2.3 Carbon Fiber


Setup info Glavak props 9x2 up to





Indoor F-3p Planes Donatas Design Spies by FT

$105.15 Alexey Lantsov's "Victory" Plane - Length 1030mm 40.55" - Wingspan 850mm 33.46" -  Motor Lantsov coaxial. 3 servo 5035. Controller Uge 4 Batt. 120Mah - 5v Dualsky BEC - Weight ready to fly 64grams 2.257oz.  I don't think you can buy it.

Websites that carry F-3P planes motor, props etc.  F-3P planes & products


Carbon Fiber  big selection of carbon materials
  Makes carbon fiber parts
  big selection of carbon materials
  big selection of carbon materials




Misc.  Bob Smith Industries 805-466-1717  lathe tools  Micro Flier Radio 941-377-9808  Homefly    DT RC Control Systems  MicronWings 



Links sent in by Keith Paskewitz and Mike Moritko


Indoor Micro Flying (Planes under 5oz.)


Micro Indoor Electric Planes

3-pin JST Plugs for 2 gram Spektrum RX

Warning most JST plug Equip. has reversed + & - wires with black wire in the center of the plug. cheap light weight good servos Outrunners etc. 

Plantraco 1.2 gram RX 4 ch w/Built in ESC



Indoor RC Products Used By Omaha Area Flyers

Brett Grell's Recommendations Page

Micro Indoor Electric Planes





Internet Scale Modeler Plastic, but good stuff


AMA's Model Aviation  (AMA Publication)

Model Airplane News  (MAN Web Site)

Rotary Modeler  (Helicopters)

Fine Scale Modeler   (Building tips etc.)

RC Micro Flight   (Online Newsletter)

The E-Zone   (Electric Flyers)

Flight Journal   (Scale Articles)



Fly RC   (Indoor to Giant Scale)




Miscellaneous Web Sites (Abandoned Airfields)


* Download Motor Calc




Motor Data  





New Flyers


New Flyer Help AMA good tips for everyone

New Flyer Information Web Site

Model Aircraft Guide  Sent in by Matt Miller member of Seattle RC Airplane Club

RC Airplane World  (Lots of good info)











Motor Sounds for Electric Planes

Retracts for Electric Planes

Parallel Charging Boards  Info on charging boards









Pattern Planes

National Society for Radio Controlled Aerobatics (NSRCA)




“Pattern Universe” forum on R/C Universe  Best Pattern Forum




Personal Web Sites

Aerial RC Pictures Selling their Pictures

Note from Joe

Steve Peck's web site  (Buy planes etc.)



Paper Airplanes  (Sent by Mitt Grimes)




Christian Modelers




* (Great Magic Show) (My son's paint business)



Radio Web Sites  Airtronics Inc. 1185 Stanford Court Anaheim, CA 92805 714-978-1895 Hitec Customer Service Cntr. 12115 Paine St. Poway, CA 92064 858-748-6948 JR-Horizon Hobby, Inc. 4105 Fieldstone Rd. Champaign, IL 61822 887-504-0233


RC Clubs (Out of Area)


Mile High R/C Flying Club  Cross Wind Runway

The Buzzards' Roost RC Club Tallassee Alabama

Des Moines Modelaires  Des Moines Iowa



Charles River RC Club Charles River RC Club

Rocket City Radio Controllers Huntsville, AL



Sky Hawks (Cedar Rapids IA)


Iowa City Aerohawks (Iowa City Iowa) 



Hastings Skylarks Model RC Club

Sooland RC Modelers



RC Links Web Sites



RC Links Page from  Dean Copeland



RC Supplies

APC Props Arcavion  (Auto throttle)  (Light weight pilots for models) 



Maxx Products (Switches with voltage control)

Tru-Turn Model Products (Spinners)

Micro Fasteners (Cheaper in quantity)


Century Jet Models (Large Scale)

Polyfiber (Super filler: light-weight sandable)


Precision Cut Kits (Cut a kit from your plans)

*  (get your plans here)

Scale Aero (Cover your plane with Aluminum)


Klass Kote  (Epoxy - like old Superpoxy paint)

Stan's Fiber Tech  (Fiberglass Cowls)



RC Web Sites

RC Universe 

RC Warbirds (Learn about large scale Warbirds)



Ripstop and Carbon Fiber Rods

Forever  (Ripstop Polyester)

Kite  (Ripstop & Carbon Fiber)

Sky Hooks & Rigging (Carbon Rods etc.)


Picture Pretty Kites  Ripstop & Rods 453-4970



Rubber powered Planes  

These links and info sent in by Mark Bennett.  Many of his materials & techniques can be used on light Indoor RC Planes. Click Here To See Them



Dave's Aircraft Works

Isthmus Model Co.

Northeast Sailplane Products

DJ Aerotech

MM Glider Tech

RnR Products


Scale Planes

Aircraft Documentation

Scale Aero  (Covering with Aluminum) 


RC Scale Builder  (Scale information)





Amarillo USAF (Fonts for printing on your plane)

Compufoil  (software for designing wings)

RC Cad (Software for designing your plane)


Dave Brown Products (Flight simulator)

Real Flight Simulator (Fly on your computer)


Model CAD (Software to Design planes)



Ultralight Flying

EAA Ch 17 Drag-on Flyers Club, Omaha, NE




WW-I & Golden Era Aircraft

Western Front Dawn Patrol Forum

For list of over 40 web sites sent in by Dean Dingman  Click Here

These sites can be a great asset for someone interested in Dawn Patrol type aircraft.


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