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Omaha's Central R/C Website - Metro Area R/C Flying




       Eighteen plus years ago I started a website for the Omahawk's RC Club.  One year later another Omahawk's member took over their website.  I wanted to continue to provide an on-line presence for the area clubs so here is what I did:


       Ollie Olson and I had talked about starting a website, not just for one club, but for all the Metro Area R/C Clubs.  We thought this would make a positive difference and help our hobby to grow.


       Such a website would provide a schedule that would show all the events for all the clubs in one place so that R/C Flyers could quickly see what events were happening for that day or weekend. Clubs would be able to schedule upcoming events so they would not be on the same day.

       It would also provide the following services:

  • Metro Area Schedule  - the most important service

  • Maps Page - Maps to every event, club meeting, etc. so that even new members could find everything

  • Newsletter Page All Club Newsletters all in one place

  • Links Page - Links so you could find good prices when purchasing planes and equipment

  • For Sale Page - Free Ads for RC items

  • Video Page 1 & Page 2 - A place to show your videos & slide shows

  • Weather Page - Weather station links for the Omaha area.  There are 11 stations in all, plus another that shows the pollen levels if you are an allergy sufferer.

       That is how and why I started Metro Area R/C Flying.


       Later, I realized that it would help the clubs, when making "Event Flyers" and planning the dates for an event, if they could go back and see when they had it the year before.  They could also see last year's "Event Flyer" and that would help them design a new "Flyer" for the current year.  I added Archive Pages to the schedule for that reason.  There are 24 archive pages altogether 10 each, for both the Metro Schedule & the Out-Of-Area Schedule; you can find them in the navigation links at the top of each page.  Here is a link for last years 2017 Schedule Archives:  2017 Schedule Archives


       I also added an Out-Of-Area Schedule so that flyers traveling to out-of-town events could also benefit from an event schedule. (Out-Of-Area Schedule) 


       Some of the clubs had no website of their own so I made websites for four of the area R/C Clubs which include:


     At the request of local clubs, I also email notices for upcoming events to 500 plus Area RC Flyers.  If you have an event such as an auction, fun fly, or meeting that you want announced, just email me and I will send it out.  Click on (email link on the left) or Click Here


      It's turned out to be a lot of work and I've done it now for 18+ years.  I hope that the area flyers value what I do.  I trust that it will help bring all the clubs together so we can become one R/C family. 

     Thanks for Reading,

   Keith Paskewitz



      I publish Metro Area R/C Flying to make a central web site for all the area R/C clubs, not to replace individual club sites, but to tie all of them together and promote growth and interaction between clubs. The most important service of the web site is to post the Metro Area Schedule. The schedule lists all the events for all the clubs in one location so that R/C flyers can see what events are available in the area and plan ahead. I believe it will also help the area clubs to work out their schedules so that a club event, will not conflict, with another club's event. The next most important service is to provide a Map Page that has maps to all the events, meetings, dinners and parties. Right after that comes the Newsletter Page which lists all club newsletters. Reading other club newsletters lets members see what others are offering in the area that they are interested in and promotes interaction between clubs. Perhaps an even more important item is the New Flyers Page that gives new members information they need to join a club and become part of our R/C community. This is your web site, if you would like to show-off your newest plane, or share an experience, you can E-Mail pictures and articles to me at:   There’s an Email Link on every page.